• Jun Park

Trump and Disinfectant calls: 'can't imagine why'

There are many reasons why you can dislike President Trump, and you can probably add this one to a long list of other outlandish ideas to the public.

I believe Trump when he says he 'can't imagine why' calls about disinfectant use have risen and companies have had to issue public statements directly warning against any type of use even remotely similar to what he suggested.

The reason I believe him is because I see it different. The entire media is focused on why, why can't he understand it, why won't he take responsibility, why is he saying such crazy instructions. The answer, is in the question.


Let me put this into perspective, have you ever worked with someone that is authoritative? Any of them have narcissistic tendencies? Any of them emotional?

I have worked, and normally when those three elements combine, what happens when they are under stress?

They blurt out things.

What he excused at some form of sarcasm, which doesn't make sense as he asked for validation from the podium to his technical team.

So, is he lying?

What if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say no.

Then, it is the result of lack of capacity. I can't fly a plane, I have not been trained, I don't have the knowledge, which is why I can't.

This situation is the same, we are listening to someone who has not been trained, and does not have knowledge, which is why he can't imagine why. He is blurting words that have not been thoroughly thought through.

Freedom of speech is not free from consequence.

The calls asking for disinfectant use is in direct response to the President's statements. There is no question about it, whether or not Trump can't imagine it, it doesn't mean it didn't happen, it just means his capacity of imagination is poor.

And if anyone dies trying disinfectant as a form of treatment, we know where it started.