• Jun Park

Today we mourn tomorrow...

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

That sorrow that many of you may be feeling is that of grief. According to David Kessler, one of the "world´s foremost expert on grief." according to the Harvard Business Review.

Among the many subject he spoke about, one of the points that really struck home was how this was like 9/11 which forever changed me, air travel, and the world-view of me and many. We never expected to go back after that day, and today we are collectively feeling multiple types of grief.

Apparently we are feeling more than kind of grief, and anticipatory grief. The grief that we feel from feeling uncertain about the future, mainly focused around death.

The stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, acceptance.

Personally, I have been coping with loss for some time. Having lost in the last three years consecutively people in my life, this year was different. This year, the death of my basketball hero was a loss that was odd. I found myself grieving over a person whom I never shook his hand, had a conversation, or even seen face to face. I would find myself at nights remembering all those nights I would think about what Kobe´s Black Mamba mentality meant to me in my pursuit for improving in whatever I did. I would then cry while wondering if I was ridiculous for doing so.

But I promised myself that I would do what Kobe would have told anyone else to do. Keep at it, grind, you will find a way, there will be a way as long as you keep shooting. As a professional, and as a father. I feel Kobe's loss was a precursor to something for me.

It taught me about grief, about myself, and toughened me up for what was about to come.

Today we mourn tomorrow.

Today, as I write this, I understand now, that I am sad. I am mourning, grieving the loss that have happened, and those that are about to come. I feel any of the multiple stages of grief at any given moment being triggered by different moments.

How can we still today be debating the danger of the virus in some parts of the world?

Why are we still short on personal protective elements?

Where are those respirators?

Where is that leadership?

Each question, at a different stage of grief, and all still very much present today.

Today, talking to my friend, he told me about how sad he was, feeling alone, and being in need for company so he would call his sister in a different continent, just to talk to someone. He's like me, calling my brother in another continent, just for the same, someone to talk to.

Ironic how in such different lives we live the same exact feelings.

So, remember, when you talk to others, remember that this is something that is happening to all of us. In different ways, everyone is going through this. Be patient, be kind, and let others be. Everyone mourns in different ways.

To answer the famous soliloquy in Shakespeare's Hamlet, "To be or not to be",

Just, let be.