• Jun Park

Sunday - Answers for Candace Owens

For this last week as the world seems to be settling on Covid-19 and the appropriate responses, there are still some outliers that this author wants to help move towards the right direction.

Today's feature is for Candace Owens.

Candace Owens used to be the CEO of Degree180, and she used to run Social Autopsy . com . Until 2016, she used to be anti-conservative, and anti-trump. Starting 2017, she was not. Now, a pro-Trump conservative political speaker and blogger, and founder that launched the "Blexit" movement.

It doesn't matter, I want to provide some answers to her.

This tweet has had me thinking for the last couple of days, wondering how I should answer to this tweet. How is it that this person is calling-out those authorities who are promoting and encouraging social distancing and a lock-down to prevent sickness and death.

She says the WWII generation is will die before giving up their freedom. I wonder how much authority she has to speak for the WWII generation?

More importantly, I wonder if that same generation was asked whether they are willing to die if it can be avoided through 1 or 2 month of social-distancing and confinement?

Now, for the answers.

I can explain Japan.

You know, it is very easy to produce / have no confirmed coronavirus cases for your country. Just don't test.

Well, who would do that.

Japan is, against WHO recommendations.


Do you want a track record of how Japan is handling this outbreak? A pretty good insight in a controlled environment is the Diamond Princess situation, which is a well documented case of how not to control and quarantine a cruise ship


Finally, we will see numbers that will be terrifying. You will see them in Japan, at home, and in the rest of the world. Again and again we have seen how the public authorities provide uncertain information which allow for doubt to become a false sense of security, which have been proven again and again to be of mortal consequence. Are your words free of consequences?

One of the hardest things of prevention, is that you invest resources and disrupt the life of people, and the result being that nothing happens. That is a very tough sell, specially when the conclusion is "nothing happens". So when it's done, those that experienced nothing happening, will be able to complain about how a waste it was, alive.

While we hope we are wrong, unfortunately, time will tell, we are not.

Please help protect your community.