• Jun Park

Spain's Daily deaths rise

Spain has become the epicenter of deaths due to the Coronavirus. This friday, the ministry of sanitation reported 769 deaths, the highest figure since the crisis began, and even has surpassed Italy's daily maximum.

On a positive note, the daily rate of new infections registered are steadily dropping in reference to the previous day. According to Fernando Simón, director of the Center of Coordination of Alerts and Sanitation Emergencies (CCAES), the impact of guidelines can be seen only after around 10 days after they have been implemented. "You have to be prudent, but it is a flattering data which gives certain hope."

In the opinion of Alberto García-Basteiro, expert in public health from ISGlobal, he believe that many more days of reduction before we can talk about a tendency. This numbers will have to be reflected with the numbers of the Intensive Care units and the death rate.

It is important to remind everyone that flattening the curve is the measure to reduce the impact of the crisis, but the disease is still out there. The real goal would be to be able to reduce the infection rate and new patients.

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Accessed March 27, 2020