• Jun Park

South Korea - African TV Personality Sam Okyere

This one is a tough one. TV show personality Sam Okyere is in a tough situation. A personality known for his kindness and positive attitude has now been target of social pressure. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about what's going on.

Korea has a history of using Blackface as a form of mimicry.

During the pre-internet 1980s, Korean comedians regularly performed skits with Rasta wigs and darkened faces without attracting criticism. However, increasing internet viewerships have focused critical attention on K-Pop celebrity blackfacing, particularly on its active manifestation of Korean nationalism and African-American mimicry.

Han, Gil Soo, K-Pop nationalism: Celebrities and acting blackface in the Korean media (2014)

Now, a Korean TV actor is in trouble when he criticized High school students to the point that he had to apologize for doing so according to the Korea Herald.

There isn't much to say, except, remind everyone this is 2020.