• Jun Park

Shocker : Germany sends a 130 Billion Euro bill to China for Covid-19

The Express U.K. has just reported German tabloid "Bild" has joined in attack calling out China for their responsibility in the global pandemic, issuing criticism as well as a €140 billion invoice.

The detail included:

27 billion for Tourism March and April

7.2.Billion for German Film industry

1 Million euro an hour for Lufthansa's losses

50 billion for German Small business

This is very concerning news as we see the trend of blaming others for the pandemic. As UK, France, and the U.S. have all blamed or cast doubt against China's actions and reporting.

The question is whether China has had any responsibility in the aggravation of the spread of the virus, adopting the attitude that "If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible, then there should be consequences." according to U.S. President Trump.

Concerning that while the focus should be on combating the pandemic and taking care of the people as the economies globally enter a depression, it is concerning that we can see more and more animosity towards China.

While there is reasonable anger and need to blame others, today's focus should not be who to blame but rather how to get past this crisis with the least amount of damage to people's health and livelihoods.