• Jun Park

Santiago - Mandatory Quarantine

As 7 municipalities enter mandatory quarantine in Chile, here are a few explanations that may be useful.

You are meant to stay home for 7 days if you live in one of the following municipalities:

Lo Barnechea


Las Condes





If you need to go out, you need to request permission, here is a step-by-step explanation :

Enter https://comisariavirtual.cl/

2. Select the permit you are requesting, be it a temporary permit (for groceries, hospital, neighborhood run).

3. Need to input the requested data, including your RUT and document serial number.

4. You must complete all the questionnaire.

5. Once you have completed and click next (siguiente) you can download your permit as well as get a copy in your email.

Important to note:

Originally, this permit would have to be processed with CLAVE UNICA, which is NO LONGER NECESSARY.

Don't print your permit, the digital version in your phone will be okay.

Do not request the permit in advance, the submission should be almost immediate.

Foreigners can also apply for permits.