• Jun Park

Reactivation of Covid-19 : Are we living the worst case scenario?

The report that there are 51 patients in South Korea that were previously thought to be recovered all of a sudden have been tested positive after being outside quarantine.

Among the most likely theories either the virus may have "reactivated", or that there was a false negative when these patients were cleared.

There are many different scenarios that can explain this, and although no one wants to ring any alarms yet, there is one very concerning scenario.

"The scariest scenario has to be mutation - a change in the nature of the virus."

The Daily Beast

Although this article by USA Today clearly indicates that scientist are tracking various different mutations at the moment.

Connecting the dots between both this conversations are not far-fetched nor do they seem technically wrong. So the question is, if we are living the scariest scenario, what are the steps to take forwards?

As we have seen, South Korea was one of the countries first hit, but also was able to flatten the curve and effectively reduce the casualties of this pandemic. Being steps ahead of other nations, we need to be observant of how these options evolve, while we prepare ourselves for what could be the shaping of a very different tomorrow.

Is it time to start ringing the alarm?