• Jun Park

President Trump : "Kids are virtually immune"

As President Trump's poll numbers keep on sinking, he is pushing to the sensibilities that a lot of parents can relate to: Our kids need to go to school. Working from home, parenting, and teaching, are all impacted beyond anything ever seen in the last century.

Here is the problem : This logic of "virtually" immune is broken.

Definition of virtually : "nearly, almost"

An approximation to an absolute, how much or to what degree is not fixed. President Trump says it himself, he would get into trouble if he said "totally" immune with the press. That is because they are fact-checking what you say, and the word totally is "absolute".

So, if we can play with that logic, your statement is as true as the following.

"President Trump, you are virtually a chimpanzee, so we should lock you up in a zoo."

Human genetic DNA is 99% shared with a Chimpanzee. We are virtually a chimpanzee.

We hope this makes sense totally, not virtually...