• Jun Park

North Korean Leader Not Dead : Source

Yeonmi Park is a high-profile North Korean defector that made her debut in October 2014 with chilling story of her life under the repressive regime as well as her escape.

The defector has been quoted stating the following:

Very unfortunate news everyone. As much as I want to believe the general media, facts don’t care about feelings, and I felt I have the obligation to tell the truth to live up to your support and trust.
‪The most cowardly and selfish dictator Kim Jong Un is not dead or even sick according to my source. He is hiding out in a fear of getting a Corona virus. Despite lying to the world that there is a zero case of Corona virus, it has been spreading uncontrollably within North Korea‬.
‪As his predecessors did, #kimjongun is again letting his people die and saving himself only. He will come back soon to prove us wrong. Please do not give Kim Jong Un the pleasure of proving how all the media has been wrong about #NorthKorea. Just wait to see.
I pray god that my source is wrong and he is dead, but the source I have is very credible and I cannot ignore the truth. Thank you for your care and interest in North Korean people and I hope you continue your support for the liberation of my people.

While all the information is hear-say, I'll take her word for it.