• Jun Park

New medical tools to combat Covid-19 Pneumonia in Hospitals: Real World

Chile is currently entering its predicted peak of the pandemic in Santiago with up 95% of the critical care occupancy rates. As the concern for scarcity of beds and mechanical respirators, a new methodology has been found.

By using high-flow oxygen therapy this medical establishment has seen a reduction of 40% probability of the patient being connected to a respirator. This also has the advantage of being less invasive, require less support, and maintains patients awake.

While the studies remains at this point anecdotal, this is a good protocol that needs further research.

While doing this research, we also found a study which found that Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy has been seen to have positive results as a form of treatment of the pneumonia triggered by the virus.

Both findings are coming as real-world operating conditions with results that should be verified and implemented as soon as possible as countries continue to face this pandemic.

While there are risks in both procedures, they are minimally invasive and in the face of the current challenges the health services face globally, every new tool helps.