• Jun Park

Nature Strikes Back

With the passing of days we become more numb. Numb to the fact that we are under attack by a new enemy, sent to us, from nature.

The days are passing, and COVID-19 claims more loved ones, I still hear how the popular opinion is that the media is exaggerating. How the issues we face have become more political opinions and less about facts. We face an enemy that does not discriminate, and does not care of your opinion. Yet, the world does not stop, and neither do the spins on the subject matter.

As of March 25, there are 18,443 deaths.

Nature is relentless and we need to be ready for the next version of humanity we have been pushed towards. We have taken advantage of Earth and squandered it without realizing that we were working, growing, and developing at the expense of our ecosystem.

We have prioritized one smartphone per person rather than one respirator, because we never had to do that.

Welcome to the new reality.