• Jun Park

Major Social Media Companies Censor Misinformation

At least someone is holding leaders accountable for what they say.

Who thought Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would become the voice of reason during this health crisis? Source: Times

If only we could hold leaders to the same level of responsibility as we do with everyone else. We believe in freedom of speech, but that does not equate to freedom of consequence.

The same way giving someone wrong directions to a store could make them waste valuable time, the same has happened to many countries.

The question is, can we hold them accountable?

If your country was facing the Covid-19 pandemic, and you still have people which believe this is a hoax or fake news, who do you blame?

Can you blame those people, which denial can actually translate to more contagion and ultimately lead to more loss of life.

Where do we draw the line?

Many, many issues today have a wide spectrum of considerations which leaves a lot of room for debate. There are many issues. This disease is not going to wait for the debates. This disease does not care about your opinion. It just is the way it is, for now.

We hope that social media not only takes down whatever misinformation is being spread by these questionable leaders, but additionally, they should save what they have removed. This misinformation will translate into time lost in confusion, and people's lives.

Can't we all join together, and just agree that if we can avoid loss of life, that is a good thing?

As the news become grim, and the world falls deeper into recession, into social distancing, and sadness, let's take some time to analyze this situation.

The world has changed, very suddenly, very dramatically. Now, it is time for humanity to adapt.