• Jun Park

Japan: Reports of Hospitals turning down patients due to surge of patients

Alarms start ringing in Japan as hospitals start turning down patients in the E.R. due to the sudden surge of patients.

As reported previously, strongmen have not been doing very well. Among those that barely did not qualify to our list, a strong conservative which some would consider a strongman, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is high in that ranking.

The Prime Minister has been slow to adopt any measure, being defiant of any lock-downs and reluctant to close down the country to protect its economy. Just this week the Prime Minister extended the national emergency to the entire country, which many criticize as flawed as it is highly dependent on voluntary compliance which has been a challenge.

In one recent case, an ambulance carrying a man with a fever and difficulty breathing was rejected by 80 hospitals and forced to search for hours for a hospital in downtown Tokyo that would treat him. Another feverish man finally reached a hospital after paramedics unsuccessfully contacted 40 clinics.

Reported by CNBC

As with other countries that had little or less warning, there are already reports of lack of protective gear and inadequate preparations taken by the government. With a week punitive consequence to the lock down measures and lack of protective gear reported, this Coronavirus may prove deadly.

Japan with 33% of its population over the age of 60, it is concerning since this virus has proven to be disproportionately lethal that age groups.

It is questionable whether the country will reach its promised 20,000 tests a day capacity after it has been reported that less then than half of the alleged 7,500 daily tests are being done reported by the New York Times. And with the medical services already operating at capacity at such an early stage will only further complicate

Japan for the most part considered that there personal hygiene was enough to combat the virus and out in the streets of Tokyo there was no social-distancing practices as late as April 6.