• Jun Park

It's the people, stupid

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Traditionally April 1st was a day that filled the internet with ridiculous questions ranging from outrageous claims to the occasional morally questionable for the sake of a laugh.

This year is different.

This year the word fool triggers a sense of self-reflection. As I read the headlines today in almost every newspaper, jobs, the amount of lost jobs have reached new heights never seen with numbers blasted everywhere, right next to a set of very different numbers. Numbers that have been around the news so long that we become desensitized to it. New infections, and new deaths.

As we stay in this state of detente, I remind everyone of the my words to, just hold on.

But the truth is that I look at those numbers, being part of the massive wave of unemployment, I look at the numbers of infected and loved ones lost and and wonder how the economic numbers relate directly to the number affected by Covid-19. We see the economic numbers and we know where we are going. There is no doubt we know where we are going, we are going down.

The same way James Carville in 1992 coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid." I would like to use it again.

It's the people, stupid.

When you don't understand that, you are too lost in whatever rabbit hole you are living in and you need to open your eyes. We have been living a pace of life where we are chasing a goal while forgetting the most important basics, the fact you are chasing, you are running, you are in the game. The economic hamster wheel is important, it's what keeps us fits, keeps us running, helps us be productive and showcase our talents. More importantly, it is to value our work and effort, and gives us the liberty to celebrate our accomplishments with other people's work, be it food someone made at a restaurant or a song someone composed for you to listen to music.

If I ask you, what is the most important thing in this picture? What is your answer?

We are obsessed with the dollar bills, but today, we are reminded, the most important element in that picture is the hands. But don't get confused with by everything that is great about the that hamster wheel, today we need to open our eyes to what is important, the people. Like in the picture above you see the hands holding the dollar bills.

The same way the school is on pause, jobs are on pause, investment is on pause, and even in many places freedom is on pause.

The only way for us to get through this times, it is going to have to be together. We know that we will get out of this together, and better times will be ahead as long as we open our eyes to what is important. While we are all suffering, whatever your thoughts may be, whether you agree with me or not, we need to know that the common goal for everyone should be the same, that is always for all of us to have a better future.