• Jun Park

Hydroxychloroquine : The new toilet paper

Remember when people rushed towards stores to buy toilet paper?

I do. I remember wondering what was going on. I started researching for symptoms of Covid-19 looking for the explosive mind altering world changing diarrhea effect.

There wasn't any.

Medical experts, industry and manufacturers all had to look at each other and just shrug, and say reassure there was no reason to buy that amount of toilet paper.

This situation with Hydroxychloroquine is more of the same.

You have world leaders, and celebrity Doctors promoting this antimalarial drug, and even taking them.

President Trump and President Bolsonaro.

Ironically, two countries that have the biggest outbreaks to date. Not only that, by every measure, the top leadership is going against professional recommendations.

While there is no science behind this drug preventing or aiding the combat against Covid-19. But there is science behind this drug being detrimental and have negative side-effects to the cardiac system. Not only that, there is a higher risk of mortality for those treated with hydroxychloroquine (1 out of 6) versus those without (1 out of 11) Source: CNN.

This makes me wonder, just like medical experts associated and diagnosed the rush towards toilet paper was a response to fear, panic, and a visceral instinct rather than a cold calculated measured response. And today, we have many households, we a surplus of toilet paper.

Today, we have more of the same, at the highest levels. Wasted resources, misinformation, and even self-medication.

I just wonder, when you are home, cooking, and you have an accident.

Do you call your local governor? Your accountant? Your CEO?

I mean, we have a medical crisis in our hands, but many are listening to the wrong people.

It looks like cutting a steak with a spoon. A spoon is useful, just not for this.

FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems.