• Jun Park

Good News! There is a but...

One of the benefactors of the few positive impacts the quarantine has had is the earth. More specifically, the ozone layer.

According to a study published in Nature suggests that the ozone layer has healed enough that many of the concerns that brought together the Montreal Protocol of 1987 have stopped worrying many. That is great news as jet streams could return to their older rainfall patterns and could help some areas currently suffering desertification. This is great news!

But... there is a but...

"An Open License to pollute" : Trump administration indefinitely suspends environmental protection laws during coronavirus pandemic

That is the title of the of the CBS News Article explaining the EPA's decision presented today in news press which basically makes companies self-regulate and for the current crisis the EPA will not pursue punitive actions for what may transpire during the crisis.


Now, you are probably wondering why are these two important. Well, there is significant expert warning which suggests that

"the health damage inflicted on people by long-standing air pollution in cities is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections", The Guardian

I would be worried about how these pause in compliance that can be expected by some industries combined with the desperation of the current onset economic recession that the world is headed. I can only imagine that in the end, we will all again be victims to the lack of direction from responsible leadership.

But there is hope.

Companies may realize that taking care of the people and the environment is in their best interest. All the money in the world can't fix everything as we are seeing today. But hey, the Earth is healing! Small victories.

Also, you got two news in one!