• Jun Park

Dear world, just... hold on.

Dear world,

This is not about the news.

It is a message of hope to everyone around the world. Hopefully, a message of substance for some.

SarsCov2 , Covid-19 is going to hit the the rest of us at home hard. It has already hit so many other countries, and it has yet to show any slow down.

I believe in the resilience of good people. I want to believe that in life or death, people will help each other. I know we can be particularly good at that. We will weather the storm.

Weather the storm... I believe that is a good way of looking at it.

The same way nature brings a storm that makes us remember how powerless we can be against mother nature and how much we have messed with our world, this will be the same.

Many today may already be in quarantine, reinventing your everyday life, and in fear.

I am sorry, I can't promise tomorrow will be better, but, I can promise that sometime, it will get better.

But today, focus on today, and, prepare yourself.

Stay informed, help if you can, and, if not, quarantine, and hang on tight.

To our health services members all over the world, they are now our soldiers, risking their lives for us. Just... hold on. You are the heroes.

To all of you that horded N95 masks and know that there is a health service facility nearby that could use them, now is your time to give them back, and then, just... hold on.

For those in quarantine, entertaining family, cooking, cleaning, teaching your kids, working in on Zoom and everything is getting on your nerves... Just... hold on. and hug your family...

If there is anything life has taught me, it is that humans are resilient. Capable of great love and sacrifice to save others. Today, this is what we need.

And to the billionaires of the world that may never read this,

There is no point in having billions when the stores are closed and no one can enjoy it with you. Healthcare is a problem you can make a big difference, pretty sure in the billions.

And for now, just like the rest of us, just... hold on.

Best wishes,

Jun P.