• Jun Park

Concerning reports from Ministry of Health

Continuing trouble in the reports and progress from the Minsal (Ministry of health), today a concerning one. The sub-secretary of asisistance networks, Arturo Zuñiga, explained that the private health service workforce is not accounted for in the infected tally with 182 now infected.

Source in Spanish : El Mercurio

In the daily report he delivers to the Ministry of Health, they "reported 88 people from primary attention and 94 from hospitals."

He also added that the private health service will now start being accounted for to have "a full vision" of the situation of infected in those institutions.

"Each of these people have close contacts, in average four to five close contacts per day for each of the infected. That is why we have made the request to strengthen our protocols to avoid (the propagation)", said sub-secretary Zuñiga.

According to the explained yesterday by the ministry and they today insisted in regards to private establishments, they will have to report available beds, the situation of infected among workforce and upload this data on a Minsal platform.

Adding to the expected peak still weeks away, having protocol issues that are compromising Chile's doctors and nurses becomes problematic for the foreseeable strains. Not only will infrastructure be necessary, we will also need to have the most able bodies to have a fighting chance.