• Jun Park

Cold bucket of water : We need a Plan B

As we have seen the pandemic take its own course, there have been countries that have brought down the rate of infection to the point that they do not have any more community-based infections such as New Zealand.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have countries that were leadership and their top medical officials were at odds, such as Brazil.

The results are fairly clear, the quarantine measures have had a significant impact on the spread of the virus. How much of an impact has less to do with the quarantine measures, but rather with the obedience of the quarantine.

For example, Chile, a country that was once applauded for its response early in the pandemic, at one point registering the highest infection rate in the world.

If you dig deeper you realize that there was significant amount of commercial activity by people that had no choice but to go out, expose themselves, and work to make their daily income. Chile has been hurting from the social inequalities and the economic disparities in society which culminated in a social uprising, which led to significant economic loss. This situation forced people to disobey the quarantine out of need.

This is where the cold bucket of water comes. We are currently facing the worst economic downturn since World War 1, and we see leaders so eager to restart their economies (such as the United States), that they have negated any possible impact that the quarantine measures had.

Bucket of water:

We are still debating whether masks work? (Yes. This is important.)

Can we go hang out? (You can't if you don't have the right setting)

Does the vaccine work? (What vaccine? Not yet, it's won't be perfect neither)

Is there her immunity? (Many cases suggesting there is no immunity or very short)

And now, like the eternal battle, this is the meeting of an unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object.

Quarantines are wrecking too much damage for the economy, making people have to take forced decisions to go out and expose themselves.

Plan B :

We need a protocol to get out. A protocol that is safe, that everybody will enforce, and those who do not, need to have a clear written and codified violation of what they are doing. This can't and shouldn't become a debate between customers that obey the guidelines and those who don't.

Uniform responses seems to be a problem. While it's never good to hear an all or nothing situation, but it seems that Covid-19 has such a high virulence that it is not permitting our social needs be met without danger.

Whether it's everyone in a bubble, or hazmat suits for everyone. Whatever it may be, one thing is certain. We are still going through this, and it is far from over.