• Jun Park

Chile : The numbers shaping a scandal

"Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three is a pattern."

That's how the saying goes, so I wonder. What is the fourth?

Following Covid-19 in Chile, a Facebook user noted there was an odd pattern that has emerged. A pattern that is concerning, feeding into the concern and skepticism of the public, the government is hiding information from us. A pattern so obvious, the user made a prediction of the numbers to be presented the following day. 100% correct.

Here, I share the table from the Covid-19 as of March 29, 2020 at 21:00 going around social media sites.

The prediction made was following the numbers and patterns, March 30 would present with 156 recovered, and 8 diseases.

Today's presentation of the data by 24horas (Chilean National Channel) twitter account.

There is something wrong. The patterns of the numbers bring doubt to the people, and with the local authorities fighting over access to the raw data of the Covid-19 patients, we are in the dark.

The numbers are in question. Like China, like Japan, and other countries around the world, changing the numbers, fudging them, may seem like a good idea from the perspective of seemingly having less cases and better control of the situation.

More about China's numbers problem.

More about Japan's numbers problem.

That, is the perspective.

The real substance behind this, you are lying to the people. Feeding into their doubt of authority and government. That type of attitude will fuel anger in the public response.

Facing the truth and receiving early criticism has been a winning strategy in a country like Korea, where the truth, as horrible as it was, helped people believe in what the government was doing.

Chile needs the same, transparency and truth so that people can believe that the government is making the right choices.