• Jun Park

Chile : Scandal in the numbers, yes, scandalous

This is a strange story to write. On March 30th, Perception vs. Substance published Chile: The numbers shaping a scandal where there was a pattern that did not seem the be correct. It was the numbers comparing the new infected and the recovered would be forming a pattern. It didn't shape up to be more than an oddity, but it did bring a new focus to the practice of accounting Covid-19 patients in the country. Now, we know, and it is worst, the numbers are even more scandalous than we thought.

There are 898 patients that have stopped being contagious, that they are no longer a source of contagion so we include them as recovered.

Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich

On April 7 during his habitual daily Covid-19 press briefing he informed of how the Ministry was accounting for those recovered. He clarified that recovered are either those that had completed the 14 day quarantine after the diagnostic, or if unfortunately has deceased.

This news has made a buzz around the world, with newspapers in Spain, and Peru showing their amaze and disbelief in this way of accounting. An epidemiologist even weighed in saying that it was obvious that when someone passed away and was buried they would not be contagious, but there is a reason why one of the categories you account for is diseased.

Although this is not the scandal we thought, this is a very strange way of accounting.

Here is a clip of the press briefing.