• Jun Park

Is climate change really up for debate anymore?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The only debate that remains is whether people are being purposely blind to the facts or if they have interests vested in maintaining the status quo.

Whether you think climate change is affected by mankind or not, the science is straightforward and clear. Climate change is happening, we are responsible for its extremity, and we are in a point where there are no historical equivalency in our time.

“Whenever you have a skeptic in front of you, whatever the reason that person may have, it does not come from a scientific methodology.”

So today's questions over climate change should not be about climate change, but rather the individual, person, or institution that is behind that skeptic.

Create doubt

Many search for their own answers in their research, creating the research bias. Today, anyone with a computer has a faster indexing and researching skills than the best minds 30 years ago. Due to that, apparently everybody can research and have a valid opinion.


Science is about statistical probability. There is absolutely no certainty, as it is the scientific methodology which always allows room for error, outliers, and understand imperfect conditions.

None of it matters, climate change is not a subject up for debate.

The floods, the fires, and the droughts are coming. So while we debate, nature will take its course.