• Jun Park

Brazil's leadership : What's Next?

This is going to a be a short post. I don't have in depth analysis of this, I don't need any more for this one. All I have is anger and frustration.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro joined a protest of supporters against Quarantine measures and insisting Covid-19 is a fantasy.

At this point, when the world is loosing people in the thousands on a daily basis, and even a country that has hundreds of deaths according to their own medical authorities, we still have this type of leadership present.

So I ask the world, what do you think is next for Brazil?



Civil unrest?


With more than 200 million people, at this point, I only hope that people take it upon themselves to protect their communities by taking the appropriate measures.

With this type of leadership, oblivious of reality, and only pursuing votes regardless of the consequences of doing so.

Appealing those in desperate need of economic assistance is about to reach a turning point when they will not only need economic but also medical assistance.