• Jun Park

Brazil may not know what hits

Most experts believe that the more data, the more you know.

Not Jair Bolsonaro.

He has a bag of information that no one really knows its origin. But, there is one thing for sure, the costs could be gravely.

The president of Brazil has gone against most experts recommendations and has even been seen joking around of the great immune system that the citizens of Brazil have.

I hope you are right.

But the science says otherwise.

As many countries have learned, Sarscov2 ( Covid-19) does not discriminate. It is already in the country, and without quarantines, without social distancing, and without the preparations that tens of other countries are preparing to, what can we expect?

A disaster. A humanitarian crisis. A sense of hopelessness.

Brazil is home to more than 200 million people. I hope some of you are reading this and telling others to get ready. To quarantine. To prepare for extended period of social distancing.

The economy will hurt globally, and a lot of people will get infected.

But more importantly, look at other countries that are in a different stage of managing this crisis. Look at what they have done successfully, and adapt it for your life.