• Jun Park

Bolsonaro apologizes for spreading fake video

Translation from BioBioChile

Bolsonario apologizes after sharing fake video in order to criticize strict measures against Covid-19.

President from Brazil Jair Bolsonaro apologized this wednesday for publishing, without verifying, a video that showed supposed scarcity of food in a market of Belo Horizonte (southeast), caused by confinement due to the coronavirus.

"I want to apologize, there wasn't proper verification of the event. As it seems, that central supply point was under maintenance. I want to publicly apologize, that video was removed rapidly", said Bolsonaro in an interview for the channel Band TV.

"It happens, we make mistakes with the news. I have the humility to apologize for that", added the leader, who in the morning had left hat video published for at least three hours in his Twitter and Facebook accounts before deleting them.

The leader, who from the beginning of the pandemic affirmed that it was a "little cold" and that social distancing could ruin the economy, has changed his town on Tuesday, after admitting that the combat against Covid-29 will be "a great challenge" for Brazil.

But this Wednesday he seemed to revert his position, by posting this video in which the man filming shows a market outlet in Belo Horionte, the capital of the stat eof Minas Gerais, completely empty.

"Look, this is what we call scarcity (...) For those who said (...) that the economy is not important and that we have to save lives, look. The hunger also kill", said the author of the video, assuring it was taken March 31st.

Many brazilean media reported that the markets were full on wednesday, and the ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and supply, Tereza Cristina, said in press briefing, saying the distribution of food "was normal" in the country. "Risk of lack of supply, we don't have."

The video came with a very critical text against the social-distancing measures taken by the various states and municipalities of Brazil.

"This isn't a disagreement between the president and the mayors and governors. This are facts, a reality that needs to be shown. After the destruction, it is useless to point out the guilty", the message said.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram removed the last days of messages published by the official accounts of the president, considering they were generating a "misinformation" which could impact the efficiency of the fight against the pandemic.

A little after midday, Bolsonaro anounced, a sudden press conference along the minister of Economy, Pualo Guedes, acelerating the economic stimulus which sum up 200 billion reales (almost 40 billion U.S. dollars).

The new coronovirus has left up to this Wednedsay, 241 dead in Brazil, while expecting the peak of the pandemic in April.